Learning Management System

Business Needs

The customer requires an eLearning system to facilitate schools to conduct their courses, lessons, and evaluations online. The significant needs are:

  1. Establish eLearning system that is catered to schools on subscription basis.
  2. Enable school teachers to design and manage courses, lessons and exams.
  3. Enable students to conduct their lessons and assignments online, mainly using PC and iPad; have their evaluation score, share it on social networks.
  4. Enable school teachers to review various analytics reports for students performance / evaluation scores.

Technology Skill Set

  1. ASP.NET MVC 3.0
  2. Microsoft Azure
  3. Entity Framework
  4. NET Framework 4.0
  5. Facebook SDK
  6. Jquery
  7. Visual Studio 2010

Technical Objectives

  1. Design and implement web based system utilizing cloud infrastructure for lessons content storage for rapid and seamless user experience.
  2. Complete system must be supported on iPad and Android tablets for students to easily conduct their learning sessions anytime.
  3. Implement subscription model for schools.
  4. Implement phrasebook module for easy word cards simulation.
  5. Dashboard view for quick overview.
  6. Analytics tab would be available.

Moratec Solution

  1. We proposed solution to design the system with ASP.NET MVC and windows Azure infrastructure.Entire web interface must function smoothly for tablets – for this, we used each component [e.g. sound players, visual controls] with utmost consideration for tablet devices and browsers.
  2.  Different access would be available for teacher and students.
  3. Teachers can create tutorials using picture, Video and also MCQ.
  4. Students will now be able to mention teacher code which would help the student to view tutorials created by that particular teacher.
  5. Awards based on marks secured in the tutorials would now be automatically assigned.
  6. More customizable search and filter options would now be available.
  7. Option of creating playlist would also be available.


  1. It becomes much easier and effective for schools – teachers and students – to have 24/7 access to the learning content and evaluations, especially on tablet devices.
  2.  Different options of creating tutorials would be available.
  3. Easy customizing option which would make it easy to work with.

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