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Standardized Systems Integration for business

Systems to manage all aspects of a construction company. Let go of processes that are costing money.

One of the many struggles every growing company must face is choosing the best system to manage their business operations. Different departments often require specific software resulting in multiple tools being used throughout the organisation.

Using a variety of programs that do not integrate with each other can make it impossible for employees to work effectively or for the organisation to achieve its goals. Employing a new ERP or consolidated system is expensive and requires significant buy in and training.

Integrating your existing systems will help save your company time and money. Rather than employing a number of systems to accomplish day-to-day tasks, business leaders should strive to implement as few systems as possible, which can be tightly integrated.

Below are some of the systems we can connect specific to your company:

Customer Relationship Management

Boost sales productivity, improve win rates, grow revenues.

Fleet Management

Manage Dispatch Units from one Centrally Managed Location

Estimation Software

Create polished, professional proposals in minutes and let customers sign online.


Content Management System

Attract more leads with a winning content marketing strategy.


Boost your online sales with sleek product pages.

Warehouse Management

A revolutionary double-entry inventory management system.


Project Management

Enable your project right way Step by step get work done.

Time Clock

Manage payroll and keep track of time.


Manage, plan, track and schedule all your manufacturing operations.


Manage contracts, create recurring invoices, bill timesheets, get paid faster.


Get the best from your supply chain. Improve your inventory performance.


Integrate book keeping with all your operations to keep accurate informations.



Design efficient emails campaigns Send, convert and track your success.

Live Chat

Engage directly with your website visitors to attract leads and boost online sales.


Oversee your employees directory Retain significant informations about your team.

Employee Systems


Have an overview of your employees expenses Access an accurate tracking tool


Streamline Your Recruitment Process Index resumes, track applicants, search profiles

Enterprise Social Network

Start the dialogue and share knowledge Informations collection made easy


Employee development follow-up Set-up appraisals and watch your employees evolution


Fleet management at its top Take care of all actions regarding your fleet


Manage Equipment and other Assets in one Centrally Managed Location.

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