Cloud Based Payroll

Business Needs

  1. The client was looking to develop an in-house Payroll online system.
  2. This client has to manage the Salary process in Excel, manually keep track of Monthly attendance, leaves a record of Employees.
  3. They wanted dashboard facility containing various widgets showing useful information related to work order & Task.
  4. These lead to number of issues such as maintaining track of the Leaves, Hours of office attended by each Employee during a day.

Technology Skill Set

  1. Microsoft Azure
  2. Azure SQL
  3. SQL SERVER 2014
  4. HTML 5, CSS 3.0 with bootstrap designing
  5. JQuery
  6. ASP .NET 4.5.2 with MVC 5.0
  7. C#

Technical Objectives

  1. Design & develop a web portal for Payroll System.
  2. Manage Daily Attendance, Monthly Attendance, Details of all Employees.
  3. All the proper paperwork is now replaced by online web portal thereby converting their physical work order to machine handling system.
  4. The System should be responsive in nature and the design should support Tablets as well as Mobile

Moratec Solution

  1. The possibilities of Payroll System are close to infinite.
  2. Moratec has designed a solution so that client can monitor everything from Employee Management, Attendance Management, Salary Processing, Salary Hold/Release, Generating different Reports as per requirements.


  1. Eliminating most of the manual processes
  2. Anytime, Any location, Any device – access to key information
  3. Ability to manage all Employees / Salary Slips / Reports / Leave Management.
  4. Ability to Employees – to apply Leave / View their Profile / Give Suggestions.
  5. Ability to Tech Leads – to approve Leave/approve Mispunch / view attendance of their Team.

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