Business Grade Tech Support

On call service
Discount on services
Free Advise
24/7 Access to Emergency Hotline
Access to over 100 free business applications
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Computer / Month
Remote Access
Since the adoption of remote access in the IT field, ticket times in some cases drop 70%
Ghost Features
24/7 remote access to unattented servers and computers
24/7 remote access to your own computer including all data and applications
Remote support from and to mobile devices
Online meetings, online presentations, training sessions
Home office
Unlimited remote computers
Easy file transfer, remote printing, Wake-on-LAN, and many other features at no extra cost
Multi-platform software for Windows, Mac, and Linux
The highest security standards
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Computer / Month
Remote, Monitoring, Antivirus, and Asset Management
Track Software and Hardware and Health on all Systems
Defender Features
Asset Management
Comprehensive Hardware Inventory
Smart Software Management
Get your license to track.
Rein in your cloud services.
Keep an eye on mobile devices.
Report on everything.
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Computer / Month
Remote, Monitoring, Antivirus, Asset Management, Scheduled Local Support
This is remote access, monitoring, asset management plus 30 minutes a week per computer of cleaning, updates, and dealing with incidental
Omni Features
2 hours a month per device of service at 20% off
Virus Removal, Malware Removal, Development
Data Backup, Updates,
Gradual Upgrades
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Summary of Services Provided

Computer Clean

Maintain workstations and repair easily, quickly, and correctly

Virus Removal

Never lose data again

Pc Optimization

Get the most power and life out of your PC. Add 2 years to each computer's life with regular maintenance

Server Maintenance

Keep servers functioning at optimal levels. Disaster recovery and disaster prevention


Network scanning, email scanning, cloud printing

Network Maintenance


Secure Local Network and Intranet


Access Your Server Applications and Files Anywhere

Access Points and Wireless Networking

Setup, optomizaion, and maintenance of wireless networks

Network Drives / Cloud Apps

Share files, ideas and programs quickly and securely with anyone in your company

Domains and Active Directories

Server and workstation management

Information Technology Development

Gradual Upgrades

your servers will always be up to data and secure

L2 Data Revovery

Failed hard drive? We can recover the information.

Equipment Purchase

We know exactly what your company needs.

Budgeted Upgrades

We will steadily upgrade your department. If you invest in your IT department, your operational efficiency will increase, your data will be safe and secure. We will do our best to do budgeted hardware upgrades, software upgrades, and non-intrusive maintenance on all your devices.

Inventory Management

Software and hardware will always be exactly what you need and will be professionally installed by a team of professionals.

Information Security

Server Maintenance

Your server is like any other equipment. It must be properly maintained. Extend the life of your server by several years with routine checks.

Industry Standard Backup Methods

Monthly, yearly offsite backup. Hourly, Daily, and Weekly onsite and offsite backup.

Firewall Setup

Firewalls are robust and are mission critical

Centrally Managed Antivirus

Automatically scan your systems every night. If there is an issue that the computer cannot resolve on its own, it will alert us.

IT Brain Monitoring

Monitor every machine on your network for one low monthly rate