AI Library

Business Needs

There was a 20 TB drive of unsorted data from the client’s last 30 years of multimedia content (from old tapes that were digitized to high quality, professionally edited conferences). This needed to be searchable and there was a need to make this publlic facing with the future of these data being licenses, given away, or managed via subscription, so access control and security were at the fore-front of the solution.

Technology Skill Set

  1. Microsoft Azure
  2. Azure SQL
  3. SQL SERVER 2014
  4. HTML 5, CSS 3.0 with bootstrap designing
  5. JQuery
  6. ASP .NET 4.5.2 with MVC 5.0
  7. C#

Technical Objectives

Needed to build a search engine and media player system that was on a future-proof foundation that could support the transcription, indexing and keyword generation, leverage machine learning and AI. This would need to utilize modern micro-service architecture and have solid development operations principles

Moratec Solution

  1. .NET MVC
    React JS
    Azure App Service
    Azure Blob Storage
    Azure SQL
    Azure Video Indexer
    Azure Media Indexer
    Azure Cognitive Services
    Visual Studio Team Services

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